Our Favourite Winter Creations

In our last post, I shared multiple ways to make winter your best season!  I have had the opportunity to talk with some creative people who were willing to share their favourite winter creations.  A BIG thank you to Debbie, Jill and Cindy!  These lovely ladies will all be instructing workshops at the upcoming Pin-it Canada Show!

First, Debbie James has shared an original painting.  I love the glistening snow on this tree.  It really captures the beauty of winter!

“My favorite winter pattern is called ‘Winter Splendor’.  This painting is done in blue and white to create a soft, peaceful winter scene.”

If you are interested in more from Debbie, she would love to hear from you!  You can reach her at dljames34@gmail.com.

winter splendor by Debbie James
“Winter Splendor” by Debbie James

Jill (Jillybean) Fitzhenry also had a chance to share some of her favourite winter creations!  These are SO much fun!

810 Snowman Mug by Jill Fitzhenry
“Snowman Mug” by Jill (Jillybean) Fitzhenry
811 Snowman glass shovel by Jill Fitzhenry
“Snowman Wine Glass” by Jill (Jillybean) Fitzhenry
842 let it snow glass by Jill Fitzhenry
“Let it Snow Glass” by Jill (Jillybean) Fitzhenry

“These three hand painted glasses are quick and easy to do. They make fun gifts for your favorite friend or family member. Watch a free video clip on my website for tips on how to paint on glass. Choose from over 3 dozen paint it yourself, glass pattern packets. Pattern Packets include complete instructions, pattern and photo of the project. They are available as a download or pattern packet by mail.” Visit www.Jillybean.net or email me at jillybeandesigns@aol.com

This next painting reminds me of the life that still surrounds us during the winter days in the outdoors.  Cindy Ohama has captured the cute chickadees.

Chickadees by Cindy Ohama
“Chickadees” by Cindy Ohama
“This piece is called Chickadees, painted using Acrylics and media crackle. This painting is one of my favorites because it is just a fun painting to do in a few hours. I love how the heavy texture of the background and the tree contrasts the softness of the bird.”
“The pattern packet for this painting can be purchased through my etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ArtWithCindyOhama?ref=search_shop_redirect
I have quite a few of my packets in my Etsy store, I also post pictures of new classes and pattern packets on Facebook so friend me!”
“I teach and design packets in several mediums, acrylics, oils, colored pencils, soft pastels and watercolor…it’s hard to stick to one medium. All of my designs are painted using easy techniques I hope everyone can enjoy!”
Thank you to all of our instructors who took the time to share their “Favourite Winter Creations!”  I know I am inspired!  I feel like it will be a little easier to get through those last few weeks of winter!
Come see more from these instructors, plus many others, at Pin-it Canada 2019!  Check at the Workshop Booklet at our website: http://www.pin-itcanada.com
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