Fabulous Fall Painting Patterns

I remember the days when my mom would load us girls into the family van, and we would head off to find items for our fall display.  First stop would be the pumpkin farm, where we would pick out large pumpkins to display and carve, cute little pumpkins to paint, and decorative gourds.


We would then head down a gravel road in search for some wildflowers, and anything else we thought would put our visitors in an autumn spirit.  I have so many fond memories of my mother and her hand painted items.  The hand painted scarecrow was always the centre of our display.


It is because of these fond memories that I chose this month’s topic, “Fabulous Fall Painting Patterns.”  I was so excited to contact some of our teachers to ask for their favourite fall pattern, and I am extremely pleased with the response.

Mr. Jack by Debbie James
Mr. Jack O’Lantern by Debbie James
Miss Jackie by Debbie James
Miss Jackie O’ Lantern by Debbie James


I just fell in LOVE with this duo!  Mr Jack is all decked out in his finest for Halloween, and Miss Jackie invites a smile with her adorable hat and plump cheeks!

Debbie James offers decorative painting classes in Mixed Media and Acrylics. You can see more from Debbie on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DJsDesignsAndStudio/.  You may also email her at dljames34@gmail.com.

Social Artworking happy fall (1)
Happy Fall by DecoArt – Adapted by Heather DeJong

This rustic design welcomes all visitors into the season of pumpkin pie, hay rides, and falling leaves.  Join Heather for one of her painting workshops as she welcomes you into the autumn season!

Autumn Harvest by DecoArt – Adapted by Heather DeJong

I feel like I need to drink a cup of hot chocolate while painting this pattern.  It’s rustic elements seem to give me the feeling of being immersed in the splendors of autumn!

Heather DeJong, Social Artworking Consultant and teacher, gives her own flare on these DecoArt designs.  She would love to have you join her in one of her many workshops.  If you are interested in taking a workshop, or viewing other patterns that she has designed, you can visit her Facebook Page or website:




Our world is so beautiful this time of year!  All of a sudden there is a riot of colours!  The cooler air invites hikes and trips to the farm, and at the same time it hints at the cozy evenings and warm stews to come. No wonder there are so many beautiful designs out there!

Happy Painting!


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