A Mother of Two

In my last post, I wrote of the anticipation of waiting for our second child to arrive.  I am extremely pleased to announce that Anna Aukje Swartzentruber is now 7 weeks old and has completed our little family.

Anna at 1 day old

My husband, our son and I have been over the moon, as we have welcomed little Anna into our lives.  Micah just loves her to pieces, and cannot give her enough kisses on the nose.

Micah just loves her to pieces.

Of course, adding Anna to our lives has come with its set of challenges.  There are now two children and two adults.  We no longer out number the children; it takes a great deal more planning and time to go anywhere; and although he loves Anna, Micah has shown his jealous side.

Despite the challenges, we have enjoyed many wonderful moments this summer.  We just returned home from our first camping trip.  I think I want to camp all summer!  The kids both slept great!  The fresh air, endless physical activity and spending lots of time with cousins, all equal to a wonderful night sleep for children and parents alike!

Enjoying some daddy time at the beach!

As we start to settle into a bit of a routine, I am able to enjoy some DIY projects.  My latest endeavor is canning.  I will be sure to share my zucchini recipe in one of my future posts.  I brought some of the relish with us camping, and the whole family loved it!  I look forward to sharing more about my life as a mother of two!

We love to spend time outdoors
Proud new Oma!  Now a grandmother to three little ones!  
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