Life’s Moments

Life includes times of great sorrow, but it also holds times of extreme joy.  This past week, my family has experienced both.  We lost a dear loved one.  He was kind, had a big heart, and wasn’t afraid to try something new.  He was a wonderful uncle to our son Micah, who adored him so much.  He will always be loved and will be missed by us all.

Amidst this suffering and time of grieving, my husband and I await the birth of our second child.  The due date is in 4 days, and the doctor says that the baby could be born any day.  The gift of life is so beautiful, and it has been an amazing journey having this little life growing inside of me.


This little one has taught me patience.  I have not even reached my due date, and yet, I feel over-due.  My first son came four weeks early, and the doctors told me that this one will probably come early as well.  The freezers are stocked, the nursery is in order, our bags are packed, and our hearts are ready to welcome this new life.  And now, we wait.


I think God has planned it this way.  We needed a time to grieve before we were to welcome our bundle of joy.  We have had time to really reflect on the many ways in which we have been blessed.  We have all been surrounded by so much love and support. We are extremely excited to meet baby Swartzentruber, and we look forward to seeing who he/she will be.


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