A Not-So-Creative Creator’s Insight

I have never been the most creative person in my family.  I am the oldest child: The one who always needed order, liked step-by-step instructions, and was afraid to veer away from the rules!  I was never a person that was able to just pick up a paintbrush or a pencil and create an image from my mind.  I only excelled when I was given inspiration and a little bit of coaching.  I have always required a bit of insight.


I find it easier to create if I understand the inner project of what I am creating.  This includes understanding how and why certain techniques work, so that I can take an idea and bring it to life!

Community is an excellent way to generate insight.  You have all heard the expression, “two heads are better than one.”  I know it is cheesy, but it most definitely pertains to this situation.  Having a group of people that you can learn from, bounce ideas off, and share inspiration is one of the best means of creating insight, and it is just fun to get together!

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During a class at Artwaves, I discovered a medium that I related to: coloured pencil.  I always grew up around painters, and I enjoyed it, but this was different.  I had more control with the coloured pencil, and it was amazing to see the beautiful pieces I could create.  The teacher, Debbie James, was fantastic, and it was so fun discovering this new medium with the other students in the class.

Recently, my husband and I sat down and played around with coloured pencils.  It was a very rare occasion, and something I thought I would never see him do and enjoy.  I watched as both of us were challenged, using different parts of our brain.  I also discovered that he is a lot better at it than me!  It was amazing how a little thing like colouring gave me new insight and appreciation for not only my own skills, but also my husband’s.  I got to see a whole knew side of both of us, and we had a lot of fun! I am not sure that colouring with pencils will become a regular social occurrence in our house, but I think it has definitely opened our minds to branch out and try things that are new and out of the ordinary.


Being creative gives the opportunity to see things differently.  Suddenly, life seems to have a slower pace and we gain a new perspective.  For some of us, this comes naturally, but for others, like myself, I like to seek assistance.

There are many people and places you can turn to if you would like to connect to a creative community.  Check out local art groups, paint nights, or just gather a group of friends and have a craft night!  You can also have a look at Pin-it Canada.  This is a place where creators of all levels and abilities can gather to learn, share and create!  Pin-it Canada provides intelligence and insight for the artist, DIY and crafting community.


Whether you are into DIY, scrapbooking, painting, mixed media, coloured pencil, jewelry making, cookie or cake decorating, or doodling on a page, I hope that you take the time to enjoy this wonderful passion.


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