Is your life feeling a little hectic?  Do you feel like there is no space to re-charge?  Maybe you have an inner artist that can’t find the time to come out.  Or maybe you are a mother on a budget, looking to re-decorate with a personal touch.

We seem to be adding more to our plate everyday.  There are so many schedules and demands to keep.  Life seems to scream GO! GO! GO!

As a mom with young children, I know how busy life can be.  Personal hobbies get pushed to the side; it is hard to find time to create those personal homemade Christmas gifts; after year two, the baby scrapbook is still not complete; and it seems the only place I am able to turn is the internet.  This is a good source, when you are at home waiting for children to wake from a nap, but I find it is missing community.  I can tell you of a great resource and community, but you will have to read on.

I hope that you will join me on a journey.  A journey where we will make time for our hobby, find fun, “non-screen,” activities for our little ones, re-decorate on a budget, and make new friends along the way.

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